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47-year-old Si Tainuo arrived aboard at altitude of 2100 meters, and then climbed out of the cabin, on the right wing turned somersault; fell firmly on another wing of flying glider. Then, quickly the first glider flight flipped, other glider slowly raised upright and then Si Tainuo grabbed the tail of the first glider, made himself between the two aircraft ” air bridge”. At that time, both gliders were having speed of 161 km per hour.

After a few seconds, Si Tainuo turned leap, jump to the Earth, where there was the distance of just few hundred meters from the ground, he opened the back of the parachute, landed safely ground. Si Tainuo told reporters, for this thrilling scene, he and his pilot has been doing training and rehearsal since a year. The stunt was sponsored by Redbull.

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